Archives - 2015 Volume 3, issue 2

The Effect of Fermented Purple Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Skin on Blood Malondialdehide (MDA), Sugar and Uric acid Concentration of Bali Duck
T.G. Belawa Yadnya, I B.G. Partama. AA.A.S.Trisnadewi, I W. Wirawan, and I G.Ag.I.Aryani
Page No: 1-6
Faculty of Animal husbandry, Udayana Univercity

Enhancing yield performance of Rice cultivar under drought condition using Molecular approaches
Saumya Awasthi and J.P. Lal
Page No: 7-14
Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breedin, Institute of Agriculture Science, BHU, Varanasi, U.P., India

Production and Optimization of Xylanase from Penicillium species in Solid-State Fermentation
Indrapal Reddy Addela, Ravi Gujjula, Makam Surender, Shreya Nyapati, Ravinder Rudravaram and Ramesh Bhagam
Page No: 15-21
Sudershan Biotech Ltd, Hyderabad

Seed-borne fungi of pulses and their protease activity on Black gram
Ashok S. Kandhare
Page No: 22-24
Department of Botany, K.M.C. College, Khopoli, District Raigad, Maharashtra,

Identification of RAPD based genetic variability in Rhizoctonia solani isolates from Northern India
Rupesh Kumar Chikara, Vijai Malik and Upendra Kumar
Page No: 25-30
Department of Botany, Maharaj Singh College, Saharanpur (UP) INDIA